Life Elevator

Life Elevator?

Who/What/Where/When/Why  is this Life Elevator?

It is I and I am he.  As I affirm to myself.

Life Elevator

One who is able to elevate himself back to life when one is down.  And one who is able to raise, the life of others in their moments of struggle.

To me this is my definition, and my intention of what it is to be a Life Elevator.  First and foremost it starts from within.

An Elevator’s function is to work through pulleys and cables to raise a cart to different heights and levels up or down.  In Willy Wonka’s world, it goes in all directions, and even to break passed any glass ceiling and hover over the landscape.

As LuigiDo I am still in constant search of myself.  I must travel in all aspects of my beings, my ups, my downs, my swaying from my own path, but learn to redirect myself back to the floor, that I must be on.  Back to the plane that I must be on in order to achieve the things I set myself out to achieve.  Karate, work, writing, relationships, games, travel etc.

A Life Elevator is one who is in essence a being who is able to raise oneself up from whatever circumstances they are placed in.  Simultaneously, part of that essence of Raising Life, can work to assist in raising others as well.  We are all walking our own individual path.  But sometimes when we get stuck on a roadblock, or are scared to push on through the darkness, or even just in a state of loneliness and no control…one just needs to press a button within oneself to get themselves out of that “floor” and move up to another plane.  Or Someone can be there to help keep the door open, when its about to close, or rather push the door closed if one is struggling to keep something open for nothing.

Raise Yourself whenever you are not moving, whenever you are down, or whenever you just feel you need to level up.  Take the stairs if you must, but the goal is to Elevate from any situation, cannot stay stuck in one floor forever…  If you are living on one floor, then raise the stakes of what How that floor works, raise the ceiling, or break passed it, no limitations,  You control the internal buttons, the pulleys, the inner mechanics of the self.

Life Elevator.