Politricks of the Mind

What is Politics? (Draft 1)

There is so much “corruption” in the world of politics, as discovered and delivered by the media, and through analysis of the numbers when it comes to money not potentially being spent where it is supposed to, politics and politicking can sometimes give off a negative connotation (for the minds of those who do not fully understand it).  HMM?  This is a topic that I won’t touch on regarding governments etc, but rather what the purpose of Politicking is, and how I/we have internal Politics of our mind.

Our mind, our conscience, our self talk, is a form of politics.


First off, let me answer the question I posed in the beginning.

What is Politics?

In the grand scheme of things, Politics is the organization of human beings.

From an Aristotelean perspective it is the highest form of human organization and classification.  What I mean is that Politics is the top of the food chain in terms of dealing with the Human condition, the way to organize human beings to live in harmony together, to grow, strive and uplift each other, for the sake of the Polis (city/community).

Politics aim is to work with and  find solutions to making sure the greatest good and Eudaemonia is achieved for all.  Basically the aim of politics is supposed to be able to create a system to bring forth and enable the individual to achieve their maximum potential, and self actualization!

This is what I believe.

It starts internally though.  As the external politics of governing people, citizens, to live freely and justly, harmoniously, is something we experience in daily living, politicking starts in our own mind.

Organizing our own mind, our own thoughts, beliefs, habits, and character.

Politics can receive a negative connotation because of the scandals that are portrayed in media, and actual experience in real life, regarding people who are in “power” manipulating the very people they are supposed to support, and or manipulating people for their own personal interest.

Politics is a subject that I hear to often that people avert to conversing about.  Because of the thin line of manipulation and really seeking the good.   What I refer to is, people are uneducated in determining how to differentiate “politicking” for the sake of altruism or egotism;  communal growth or communal destruction.

Before I break off too much in a tangent, politicking is tricky in a sense of learning to find harmony within the constant individual differentiations that make up humanity.

At this present day there are approximately over 7 Billion people inhabiting this earth.  That is 7 Billion individual lives, 7 Billion different minds, 7 Billion paths to peace, justice, life, – 7 Billion worlds!

How can we harmonize and find a way to organize 7 Billion individually different lives to work, live in harmony for the benefit of growth and maximizing potential for each individual, without sacrificing some for many?

It starts internally, in the individual’s mind.  Politicking our own mind.  This has been the talk of the sages, prophets and scholars since the beginning of man (at least from what knowledge I am exposed to).  This is what spawned religion in all its forms, beliefs in higher entities, gods, beings; External forms to understand the Internal.

Politicking one’s mind is where it starts.  Humans have the capacity of self talk, and are able to spawn thoughts out of one’s own volition, inception.  Generating thoughts, which create an internal dialogue in our heads, which can create anxiety, turmoil, or tranquility and harmony.  The mind is the first thing I must learn to organize and learn to politicize my self.  Set discipline govern my OWN self, my OWN domain, my OWN kingdom, before I can hope to Harmonize externally with the 7 Billion different worlds (I/We, OUI).


The mind, which I have the ability to take control of, and self actualize, has the capacity to manipulate me through FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real), and the capacity to transform and mutate me to Grow into my Maximum Pure Self.  Politicking the mind is where it starts, the self talk to re awaken the god within in us all.

In essence we are all GODS of ourselves.  Through the creation of ourselves from the beginning, we are here, alive, through my sense perceptions, and my ability to think is because of my conscience life.

The Path I am walking on, my Luigi Dō- is to seek inwardly my pure and true self, politicking my mind to understand that My goal is to meet my self divine, so that I may be able to Live outwardly and share my light…