Samurai LG in Transition

In Transition.

War and Peace start in the hearts of individuals.
Harden not your your hearts.
Be outwardly ready for war, but maintain the gentleness and fluidity of a Loving heart; the pilot to drive the vehicle of the Self for war, for the sake of justice.
War gives off the sense of Destruction when spoken about.
But what is War?
A battle or struggle to overcome a form of resistance to achieve a lasting calm and peace.
The real war is internal, this is where all the turmoil and chaos needs to be worked on.
All the outward aggression and tension is stemmed from the internal struggles and resistance that one is unable to set in order.
I train myself to gain mastery and control over my physical form.
As I do this, the real war going on is inside, trying to maintain an internal clarity and calm.
I train to fight not my fellow man, but fight my inner demons, and learn to overcome the internal resistance I’ve built upon myself over time through insecurity, external influence, and other various traps that block me from realizing my true potential.
We are all fighting our own war. Be clear however that the war you are actually fighting for is your OWN, and not a war imposed upon you to fight and spend your energy on.
This will lead you further from the Peace which our universal souls yearn to realize.

In the end my goal for fighting this war is Self Possession.
Who or what will I allow to possess me, except myself?
There is no THING in this universe that I Will allow to possess me.


If Anything external possess me, then I am on the path to losing myself.

I was not generated in this world to be possessed.

Like the dignity of a Mountain, I will stand in grandeur and calm, and enable others to climb on to gain a greater vision of the world in themselves.



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