Flow of Emotions


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I cannot just think emotions to go away, I can only Feel them through me, to come to pass.

Only then can I continue to live in my flow.  Like a filter I can experience the emotion fully, and gain the hidden gems and lessons that can be used to continue to help me grow and recognize that only I can complete my own happiness, not requiring anything external to fill my cup.

My cup is already full, and will be constantly refilled by myself, because I freely and willingly choose to share my self and give.

Nothing wasted
I offer and if it is received

If not, it too will go through and pass wherever it needs to go, and if someone takes away something from it,


If not, also okay,  I just keep it coming through, because I do it for me.

Never suppressing my feelings until it outputs through, completely.
As a filter  I steep in the emotions, but do not allow it to change me, because I am always me.

Like a bag of tea I can choose to transform how the emotions affect me!
Instead of the emotions transforming my being…

Pour boiling hot water into most things, it will boil, burn, get soft, or harden the object it is applied to (vegetables, eggs, fruit, etc)

But with a bag of tea, the boiling water is the thing that becomes transformed for filtering and steeping through the tea leaves as it passes!

Creating a soothing and healing drink.

I heal myself through the emotions that must be experienced wholly, fully, honestly.

Grieving is necessary, to release the expectations I have set in place in my mind, which could be false or true, it doesn’t matter because it is seeking out a ‘sense’ of happiness in the future.

Keeping focused on the present moment is really the key.
It is nice to prepare for the success of the future, but it can only be done by acknowledging the Gifts of the present and what I can allocate and consciously build, to make something grow, so that my future self will be Happy because of my commitment to myself now, as opposed to resenting/ruminating over what choices were not done in the Past.

Is this enough?

More than!

All that I must expect is that I am alive and well as I am able to think, and be happy for the present Health I am living in, with those I choose to surround myself with.

Even those whose presence are not physically near me, their thoughts and Energy still resonates alive and strong,  no matter how far, or how near, universally, we are all here, simultaneously.  Divine energy and presence flows through all around and within us.

No denying just because it is not always presented in front of us.  This is where the filters come in, the bag of tea, within myself (ourselves) to utilize so that I can transform the boiling points, to something healing and provide me Comfort and Soothing because whatever the outcome, the experience is real.

I appreciate the experience, all of them,  nothing left uncertain, because a decision was made.  Only step next is to consciously choose how I continue moving forward with the emotions flowing in and out, and not get stuck, as I ebb with the flow.

No more suppression of the inner selves,  they must all be called out to be present and protect the full self, from any area, emotion, and or living space, within and without.

True freedom and liberation is achieved with the belief and recognition that I create my reality and shape how I can participate with the emotions that come to pass.

Keeping it real: emotions do not have to change my core being,  unless I choose to make them stuck in my being.

It is my duty to myself, to clear out anything that causes a clog, a sense of stuckness, within myself, and just release what need not be there.



I allow myself to feel my emotions, fully, wholly, and completely! Letting it come to pass through me.  I consciously filter it out and retain the hidden gems and life lessons to gain from the experience.  I am not my emotions, I am always me, Luigi, Samurai LG, The Life Elevator.



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