Inner Fire 🔥

New Moon 🌚

Inception, generate new ideas to shine brightly. Recognize you have the power to create what you want in this Reality.

The light at the end of the tunnel? That shining glimmer of hope is actually being generated by you. 👀 In this world you are just put on object observer mode, or what I would consider a Spotlight mode 🔦, to watch your own inner fire 🔥, in order to protect it.

But do we always protect it? Is your inner fire getting dimmer? feeling burnt out? Just because you think so?

Well, I have news for you!

Your inner fire can Never be depleted.

Your inner fire, your core, your spirit, your soul, your connection to God, Allah, the Creator, the Universal Connection, the Divine energy, the complete Oneness 🌕, is and will always be there.

The only reason there is Darkness is because you put on your shades. 🕶

This is the reason why at times you may feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, or it’s too far, it’s too difficult to get to, it’s too dark to walk the path, it’s to challenging to even risk going to the light because of the darkness surrounding it.


Recover, now here unwrap your Gift.


Congratulations you have now just unpacked the contents of your gift! (Which you decided to cover up, hide it so it is not “present” because it is being concealed inside the delicately wrapped box, a fortress of shade, wearing an ornate Ribbon, as an opportunity for you to Remind Yourself, of all the Blessings that Are Currently Within You Now! )

Don’t believe me?

Here is another one


Open it up.

What, you decline?

Here is another one ready 🎁

This is the one gift that will never stop giving, the gift that provides infinie Goodness!

Even if you trash it, dispose of it, forget about it, try to destroy it,

This gift can never be destroyed, especially by you. Even if you think you are “powerful”.

It is all a shade, like a set of Glasses that warp your vision to act like you’re in a video game, matrix, a set of google goggles (which no longer exist) , or Augmented Reality Spectacles, to put you in a game, that YOU ARE ACTUALLY IN CONTROL OF, to decide your fate. You have one Life, though infinite, rather you play One Life at a Time.

However you are also on a time limit. As the game is set in a construct with conceptual limitations known as time. Physical bodies have an expiry date and once they expire they cease to recognize the inner fire as they will return to the inner fire, it will be re-ignited in the inner fire, which always exists, forever, Eternally.


Inside of you right now, this gift is waiting,

Waiting to be unconcealed by your perception.

However in Reality, it is actually out in the open available to be utilized and tapped into at anytime by You. No matter where you are, what circumstance you are in:


I am able to tap in freely and Feel the Infinite Goodness of Light, Love and everlasting Energy. This is present in all beings, in me and in others.

Simply remove the shades to which you put on, or cover your eyes with, 👁 your third eye, and reveal it to witness the spotlight and recognize it Is the spotlight that it is watching to protect!

Return to your acknowledgement and re-Cognition of your Self as the Inner Flame.🔥

My Brother and Sister

Say to yourself

as I say to My Self

✨I Am the light that I seek at the end of the tunnel.✨

Activate this gift into your mind right now. Simply by letting it be known. If it doesn’t want to open the present now, then no worries, you may open it whenever you feel. Just remember as soon as you do, you won’t feel a need to feel anxious about not receiving gifts, or any type of thing as You are everything you ever needed! You decide and can choose to direct your energy and control your thoughts to whatever you choose, to help support yourself and manifest your dreams.

You put on shades not just to look cool, but you are already Cool, the Coolest kind of Hot! But to give yourself an opportunity to shine the light upon yourself because of how much AWESOMENESS and Coolness you express to the Universe. It’s time to give yourself this same Energy!

Tu es comprends?

Samurai LG


Comment “Yes” or “Oui”

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