Luigi = The name of the aggregated collection of atoms and molecules (monads) that willingly form the brain of the organism which brings forth and expresses these thoughts.

 = Path, the Way

Luigi DŌ

The Way of Luigi ←-→ Luigi’s Way

The musings and uninhibited expressions of thought and reflection in written word.

Too long I have been caught up with trying to follow the path of others, in hopes to achieve a richer sense of life. Every individual being has their own Life path.  Those who have been pillars of success in Human History, have shown a degree of self Actualization and a relentless pursuit of their being god’s of their own domain, Self.  This is my way of continuing to check in on my Self, and progress to maintain a harmony with everything external to my Self.

Luigi DŌ

is about My personal individual path in Life.  It may intersect or run parallel with others, but essentially is still My own.

I was given Life to share it, maximize it, and of course Live it!

‘Cogito Ergo Sum’ has been a maxim of truth which most resonated with my philosophy of life growing up: “I think Therefore I am”

I always had my thoughts, my imagination and my internal voice, to help me “think” and contemplate about my life in relation to the physical and metaphysical world,  to help affirm in my reality, that I ‘Luigi’ exist.

Throughout my many contemplative brainstorms, experiences and knowledge I’ve accumulated in my life thus far,  I learned to flip this famous Cartesian Aphorism to not rely on my thoughts to prove or affirm my existence.   Rather I accept and acknowledge the foundation that I exist as a being in this eternal universal cosmic life, therefore I am able to produce these thoughts.

“I am, therefore I think.”

I now firmly believe that it is my thoughts that are produced as a result of my molecular existence, rather than my existence being affirmed based on my thoughts.  Corporeal vs. Ethereal.

I exist, in this universal landscape of Life…

My Way is still being constructed and built as I live it day by day.  I just need to make sure I keep on moving, no matter what roadblocks, speed bumps, or rest stops along my way.  Relentlessly pursue myself.

My Way

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