Intellectual rampage

I’ve been brought up in an environment where seeing is believing,

And feeling is not seeing

the Truth.

Scrap That.

I Reject that notion of thought.

It was only recently that the world inherited an eye for reading, and writing,
the coded language of mystery.

The Social Construct of the mind.

I’m intellectually torn between literacy and illiteracy.

Am I smarter than illiterate people because I can do something they cant?

The complicated life is
the contemplative life.

Prior to inheriting knowledge, civilizations thrived on instinct and experience.

I love to read and write,

But I also love to feel and experience life.

Using all my senses
instead of just focusing on one.

My sight.

I see words, and interpret them in my mind.

I want to feel words and experience them through my mind.

I am a channel in this world,

The medium in the message

Stuck in a land of electronic sets and concentrated

orange juice…

There is no such thing as a good soul anymore, unless you have credentials.

Decolonize the mind, to reconstruct the nation…

Imperialism has served me in both good ways and bad…mostly for bad
because I am forgetting my past, and where I come from.

The inner circles of life, have transformed into blood lines, and squares…

directing life where to go instead of circling to infinity.

Stop me before I self destruct…

I’m trapped in a world of paper, both money and reading


Stopped by my idealistic utopia, of organizing disorder,

But achieving disorganized order, in the millennium clash of


It hurts, as an intellectual

I realize

that people who cannot see what I see, feel poverty.

Or is it I who feel poverty in what I see?

The real lies.

My vision is clouded,

Must unplug from the matrix, to put on

my real eyes

and bear witness to the revolution that is my mind.

The undeniable solution to solving life’s problems is

I realize

not possible.

To return the fruit back into the tree?

It cannot be undone. Forever tainted with sin…

Just let it be, and let the children run wild and free.

Because that is My flaw,

I want to return to Paradise while being alive!