Big L’s

There are big L’s, Losses, that happen in life.

Regardless of the perception of loss

in Life a mantra I recently started to believe in for myself is that

I never Lose

I either Win

or I Learn.



Perspective shift.

Loss is just a word, that provides a concept of a reduction of some thing,  that a sense of destruction has occurred.

It can evoke a very harsh flood of emotions, consciously and unconsciously.  It taps in to the inner self invoking a hard wake up call to our feelings, and noticing of ourselves, emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually; or not.

The experience of death, of a loved one.  Has the power to evoke a felt sense of emotion to those close to the individual who’s physical life has expired.

The loss of an attachment, (i.e. loss of mobile phone, loss of a job, loss of money, loss of a possession et al.)is just a fabricated set of information based on external marketing manipulation that makes this noise in our minds, and literally plugs us into the Matrix.

Is being plugged into the Matrix a bad thing?
Ignorance can feel Bliss,  but when our conscious humanity and conscious reality is being manipulated for us, this is where I can objectively say lies the issue.

What is being deprived in Reality,

is the conscious understanding of the divine


that we are made off!

I am Unlimited

You are Unlimited

We are Unlimited

energy love, and connection.

I/We, Oui, are made of the same source, expressed in individuality of being.

The noticing of our individuality make it appear that we are unique
but instead this awareness enables us to compare our weaknesses as opposed to our strengths with other people, that causes insecurity which creates a latching on to ‘things’ of this material world that we forget our true divine essences that bring Life into us.

Deep Breathe

Inhale . . .

Hold . . .

Exhale!  = 333

The breathe of Life, is something we all share now.  until the “Loss” of this life

this Life is US!

it cannot be Changed

altered, manufactured, or fabricated from any external thing.

This will be like puppets, being pulled on strings.

It can only be transformed, by the puppet master.

I am the puppet master.

You are the puppet master, of your self.

Self Possession.

there is nothing ever that is lost!

There is that which is either removed, or I would rather say


a Blossoming,

cocoon to Butterfly unravelling,

shedding of skin

egg Hatching

Tea infusing

Universal experience!

If i follow the trail of your stress,

it will lead to your Deepest


False Evidence Appearing Real.

Blow the smoke out of the false illusions

fabricated fog

Loss. Less. Never.

If you change expectation for appreciation

Life is Blessed!

I choose to change my L’s from losses to Learns.

I am tha Master of myself, as I am made of divine essence

As are You!

Nothing can be taken from us!


It is only our thought of something being removed that cause us suffering.

The struggle is Real, and I do not deny any pain or suffering that is being experienced.

BUT what I choose to shift, is the thought of Loss (or have nots), as these thoughts will bring me toward the path of pain, suffering and lack.

Change your L’s!

I never Lose

I either Win

or I Learn.

When I Learn,

drop the L,

in order to Earn,

the abundant rewards that are already within you, to tap into.

Stay Humble

Samurai LG

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